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Hi! I'm Morgan. I started blogging way back before it was called blogging. That's right, I had some sweet GeoCities sites, y'all. Glittery, full of GIFs and boy bands. As heinous as my sites probably (ok, definitely) looked back then, I learned a lot about coding, web development and N*Sync.

When I started blogging again in modern times, I was amazed. So many things to learn and absorb. Finding Morgan started as a lifestyle blog but has quickly morphed into a blog about business, branding, blogging, and all of the awesome stuff in between.

I love continuing to learn and share my knowledge and I would love to be a part of your epic blogging journey!

I'm so glad you're here, I hope you'll stay a bit and look around! 


I am wife to Jon and mother to Angel and Trent. My family and I moved to Myrtle Beach, SC from New Jersey. While I wouldn't say moving here was a culture shock, we are still getting used to it. I have two huge tomcats named Emmett and Jinx and recently (a year ago) introduced a Shih Tzu named Jackson into the menagerie. Jackson is not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but he is sweet and loving. The cats hate him.

I am a bibliophile through and through. Good books are like old friends (that don't notice the weight you've put on since you last saw one another).

I am also an avid video gamer. World of Warcraft is my absolute game of choice and it has been since 2005. I have 9 max level toons. I used to competitively raid, but mostly find myself farming or leveling new toons nowadays. I consider my hunter my main. She has a Tiger named Tupac and a Devilsaur named Penelope. I will probably cry for a very long while when the servers of Azeroth finally shut down.

When I'm not spending time with my family, eating, reading or gaming you can catch me:

Drinking wine. Especially on my front porch. This is not a southern thing, as I did it in NJ too. I just like porch-drinking. Pinot a Noir is my favorite if you ever want to stop by and have a glass.

Crafting. This is a sporadic endeavor for me as I usually lose patience rather quickly, but since the dawn of Pinterest I have been getting more focused.

Camping. Not glamping, just camping. I love the forest. There is nothing more relaxing to me than the wilderness. It's an inexpensive way to unwind, unplug and really have a great time with my family.

Grab a glass of wine or tea and take a look around! 

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