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Big Green Smoothies on a Budget

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Making green smoothies on a budget is easier than you might think. M y husband and I have been trying to get healthy as well as stick to a budget. These two things, sadly don't go hand in hand. They aren't even friends. That is when I decided that we would give green smoothies a go. Using frozen fruits and veggies, bulk dry ingredients and shopping sales I have been able to save money while eating so much better.

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Some of my staples for making inexpensive, vitamin packed smoothies.

We are a pretty typical meat and potatoes family. Pasta or some other carb-laden side with every meal. Kids that won't touch vegetables with someone else's fork. Takeout a few nights a week because we are all exhausted by the time dinner rolls around. Actually, I was exhausted all the time. To the point where I went to my doctor, pleading for help. I felt like I was no longer a functioning part of society. I went to work, dragged through the day, took a nap during my lunch and counted the minutes until I could climb into bed. This was no way to live. My doctor told me to eat healthier and exercise. No duh. I guess, like everything else lately, I wanted an easy button. With no magic pill in sight, I decided that I needed to help myself, so I started researching.

Basically, what I found out was: If you are going to treat your body like garbage, you are going to feel like garbage. My dad had given me a relic of a "smoothie machine" from earlier in the millennium that I thought would fossilize along with my cupcake maker and quesadilla machine, but alas, it may be just the relic that changes my life. It is definitely not a Vitamix, but it more than does the trick.

I went to the closest grocery store and picked up a big bag of frozen berries, a bag of frozen spinach, bananas and some almond milk. I already had peanut butter and chia seeds. Let the journey begin!

Being we are doing this for meal replacement (breakfast and lunch), I want to make sure that my smoothies have enough calories, fat and protein to sustain me.

These are my staples for making at least 4 different types of smoothie:

Frozen berries Frozen spinach Frozen collard greens Almond milk Coconut Oil Natural Peanut Butter Old fashioned oats Quinoa (soak it before you add it) Chia seeds Bananas

Some other things I like to use once in a while:

Cinnamon Vanilla extract Fresh ginger Honey Fresh greens Frozen tropical fruits Dried fruit

The possibilities are endless. The smoothie can be as simple or as extravagant as you like. Since I started, I have gone to Costco and bought bulk of the things I found that worked for me.

My favorite smoothie is a blend of pineapple and kale using coconut oil as the fat. Sometimes I'll throw in a banana and a few ice cubes. It tastes like a tropical drink. Just add rum...err quinoa. That's it, quinoa. No rum here, move along people.

Even on a tight budget, we have been able to each have a smoothie for breakfast and lunch, my kids have even been drinking them and they are the pickiest children EV-er!
Within a week of smoothies, along with a healthy-ish dinner every night, I was feeling like a different person. It's weird for me to say that, I honestly feel kind of gimmicky. "Billy Mays here!" I am 100% serious though, drinking smoothies is changing my life. I get out of bed without aches and pains like I always have. I don't feel myself nodding off at my desk anymore. I do still watch the clock, but now it is to go home and spend time with my family. To exercise a little. I feel like I am actually enjoying life again. The weight loss is not earth-shattering, but it is there. I have been losing about a pound a week, which I am more than happy with. I expect that to change as I start adding more exercise to my routine. For someone who could barely make it out of bed in the morning, I am pretty happy with these changes and I think you will be too! Give it a shot, what do you have to lose?