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Shrimp and Farro Bowl and Mini Hello Fresh Review

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I received my first Hello Fresh monthly subscription box yesterday. It came in a huge box, dropped off right at my front door by UPS. It was loaded with fresh proteins and veggies. This is going to sound weird, but I don't care: the box of raw ingredients smelled fantastic. Like upscale European market fantastic. The monthly cost is not cheap, but I did have a coupon code to take $25 off my first box. This code has sadly expired, but you can still use FBSUMMER for $20 off. A classic box for 2 is normally $69. This is 3 fresh, gourmet meals for 2. When you consider the cost of going out to eat and the quality of ingredients you are getting, it really is a good value. Unfortunately, without the coupon, it's not something that fits in my budget currently. I can say with certainty that once my budget allows, I will be resubscribing.

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Hello Fresh sends some awesomely fresh ingredients

The instructions were super clear and concise, printed on card stock. The ingredients were fresh and good quality. The only qualm I had was that it required a zester, which I shamefully don't own. My husband ended up mumbling something about Alton Brown, saying you should never own single purpose tools, as he used a cheese grater to zest the lemon. A class act, we are.

Printable recipe card. Just edit it to your desired size and print it up.

I ordered a box for 2, thinking my kids would never try the dishes that were included. We ended up having to split this meal up 4 ways after they tried "a bite". My daughter, who is a total fish-a-phobe, ended up trying and loving the shrimp. My whole family tried farro for the first time and we are all in love.

Verdict: If you have the cash to spare, love to cook and just don't have a lot of time on your hands, this service is more than worth the monthly subscription cost.