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The Best Homemade Stain Remover With a Printable Label

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Back to school means stains. Paint stains, grass stains, armpit stains (ew) and of course food stains that have been soaking in since lunchtime.

homemade stain remover

This homemade stain remover works on anything: grass stains, food, blood and other various bodily fluids. The joys of motherhood. Seriously, it is a miracle. It's cheap, effective and homemade.

As you can see by my photo, I just cleaned out an old empty counter top cleaner bottle, but my favorite dollar store in the whole wide world, Dollar Tree has awesome spray bottles for, you guessed it: a buck!

I have never had a problem with this spray damaging a product, but always test it on a patch first blah blah blah. I've used it on everything from clothing, to carpeting, to furniture. You can make a small batch at first and then upgrade to a full bottle when you see how ridonkulously fantastic it is.


1 Part Dawn Dishwashing Liquid 2 Parts Hydrogen Peroxide


Add ingredients to a spray bottle and shake up. Spray directly on stain and let sit for 5-10 minutes before washing normally.

Here is a label that you can print up to pretty up your reused or dollar store bottle:

homemade stain remover label