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{Printable} You've Been Boo'd! A Halloween Tradition

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It is officially fall! Although cold and rainy, it is actually starting to feel like it here in South Carolina. I've been in fall mode for a couple of weeks now, my favorite season doesn't wait for mere temperature discrepancies! Bring on the sweaters!

One of my favorite fall photos and one of the things we miss about living up north: leaf piles.

We've had a fall tradition of "Booing" for years now. I mean, who doesn't love an excuse to ding-dong ditch your neighbors and eat candy? I got tired of using the same worn out ghost design for years and years, so in honor of fall, I made a new one.

For those who haven't "Boo'd" before, it's a great tradition to start. I use brown paper lunch bags as my Boo Goody Bags and fill them with candy and/or baked goods. Put one of each printable in each bag you make-- I usually make two bags. Drop a bag on your neighbor's doorstep, ring the bell and run. Rinse and repeat. When you are Boo'd, just put the "I've been Boo'd" sheet on your door or in your window. My kids love to see how many houses have them displayed. By Halloween, it's usually A LOT.

Print both here and commence terroriz--err treating your neighbors! "You've Been Boo'd" "We've Been Boo'd"



Print You've Been Boo'd here
Print We've Been Boo'd here