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Two Spooky Halloween Printables

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This week has been crazy. After suffering for days with major back pain, I ended up going to the ER. Three hours and a $50 co-pay later, it was just a kidney infection. Being Jon was with Trent at Cub Scouts, my divorced parents drove me (and stayed the entire time). Hilarity ensued. Totally worth the co-pay and the nightmare antibiotics. Whatever antibiotic they gave me has made me feel really down and out. Now my son, Trent is sick. When it rains it pours, eh?

fall subway art

I had high ambitions of lots of fantastic fall and Halloween decorating, but between work, illness and everything else, I hardly got anything done. I hope you enjoy these Halloween printables for some (almost) last minute decorating! I usually get plain frames from the dollar store and paint them with whatever random spray paint I have lying around.

Print Here
Print Here