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20 Unique Gifts for Him for $30 {Or Less}

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I have a confession to make. I haven't even started Christmas shopping yet. This might not be so bad if I was the kind of person that didn't agonize over what to buy each and every person on my list. Lots and lots of over-thinking goes into my holiday shopping every year. That is why I decided to go with the hardest people to buy for for me: men, for the next part of my holiday gift guide. As much as I hate to generalize when it comes to the sexes, men are the WORST to shop for. So instead of standing over an item at a store for an hour contemplating. Instead, I hovered over the internet for many, many hours hunting for unique and useful gifts. Internet shopping is the best. Of course, most of these gifts work for women as well, so don't forget to think about the ladies in your life!  






1. Kentucky Bourbon Candle: $14.95

2.The Original BaconKit DIY Bacon Curing Kit : $22.99

3. Gardenzilla: $17.27

4. A Tee Shirt From Threadless: Varies, but they always have some great sales!

5. Do One Thing Every Day That Scares You (Journal): $10.53

6. Cast Iron Tool Bottle Opener: $25.oo

7. Jameson Irish Whiskey Truffles: $7.49-$10.99

8. BBQ Grillight Lighted Spatula: $24.95

9. Cedar Thumb Piano (Acoustic): $25.00

10. Razor Renew $25.00

11. Bacon Jerkygram (Man Crates) : $24.99

12. Portland Beard Co. Urban Beard Oil: $20.00

13. Santa Beardo Combo (Remove pompom and change beard to un-Santafy): $30.00

14. Lonely Planet: The Book of Everything: A Visual Guide to Travel and the World: $12.91

15. Muse Mini Portable Speaker - Bluetooth: $26.00

16. PocketMonkey by Zootility Tools: $12.00

17. Beautiful Lego: $18.94

18. Desktop Skee Ball : $28.00

19. Cards Against Humanity : $25.00

20. Smartphone Projector: $27.00


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