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Daily Blogging Checklist - Free Printable

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Is there anything better than a completely checked off list? Best. Feeling. Ever. Especially when it comes to my blog. For the first couple of months I just kind of "winged it" as far as organizing my blog and staying on top of social media. Then I started trying to keep a checklist on my phone. This kind of worked and I definitely saw the benefit of getting organized. BUT, to me, there is nothing like a paper list. So, I created this basic daily blogging checklist to keep myself accountable.

The satisfaction of taking a pen or marker and physically checking things off is just..magical. I promise, if you're not a list keeper, give it a shot. I love to print lists and put them in a sheet protector, that way I can reuse the same piece of paper over and over. You just use a dry erase marker to make your checks or lines (if you're one of THOSE people) and erase the next day. month, week or whenever. After the first couple of weeks of steadily using my checklist, I noticed some drastic changes in my blog as well as social media accounts. Not only was I receiving a noted increase in traffic and followers on all platforms at a steady rate, but I also feel more "connected" with the blogosphere in general.