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Dollar Decorating: Dollar Store Glass Hurricane Vases

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Last week I wrote about what items I buy (mostly) at the dollar store. Today, I wanted to share a simple craft that can be made entirely from dollar store items. My dollar store of choice is Dollar Tree, but I'm sure other stores carry similar items. Adding the glass candlesticks to a vase (they carry all kinds of shapes and sizes) makes a super simple hurricane-type container that is perfect for flowers or candles. You can replace the vases with mason jars (or regular jars). I have a few different size mason jars atop candlesticks in my bathroom holding Q-Tips, cotton balls, floss sticks etc. Very early on in our marriage, my husband and I decided after an incident with a Hemingway Hurricane and later a Waterford candy dish, that we would never buy anything expensive that was made of glass again. This way, when something breaks, it can be easily replaced and no one has their life threatened. In my defense, I told him not to touch it!  







Get all of your items prepped. Peel of the stickers on the bottoms of the vases and candlesticks (the annoying part). Unwrap your candles.



I usually clean the bottoms of the vases with glass cleaner and then let them dry. You want to makes sure they are clean so the glue adheres.




Same thing goes for the candlesticks.




I have used all different types of glue for glass projects, including a hot glue gun. I have found E6000 to be by far the most durable. I have DROPPED a mason jar glued to a candlestick and the E6000 held up! You can use what you have on hand, though. If it comes apart it can always be fixed.



Squeeze the glue around the top of the candlestick, being as neat as possible.



Press the vases on to the candlesticks, firmly (but obviously not TOO firm- it is glass!). Hold for about 10-20 seconds and then let cure overnight. Ha! I don't like following instructions, so I am moving right on to the next step.



Time to fill them up. I thought these river rocks were neutral and warm, perfect for a fall tablescape.



This wasn't the kind of stone work he had in mind, but he still had fun. What a good sport.



Once they are filled with the rocks, add a candle of  your choice. I used 2 different scents  because I didn't look at the labels at the store am a rebel like that.



That's it! Simple and cheap, just the way I like 'em. The basics here are glass container, candlesticks and glue. With those 3 things you can make tons of different projects using different fillers, different shaped glass, paint etc. Enjoy!