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My Favorite Free Chalkboard Fonts + A Free Printable

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It's no secret that I love chalkboard backgrounds. They look good with so many different fonts and colors, that it is hard to go wrong. I also love, love, love making printables. It's a way for someone with no artistic ability such as myself to play around and make things look pretty. It's also a budget-friendly way to decorate. I make all of my printables using PicMonkey. I do have the upgraded Royale membership, but it is NOT needed for anything you see in this printable. PicMonkey has a couple of different chalkboard background choices.

To make an 8.5 x 11 printable you should use an image size of 1700 by 2200 pixels at the highest resolution possible. I get most of my fonts at DaFonts and Google Fonts. PicMonkey has various font choices. You can also add any font that is downloaded to your computer, just click on Yours when you are in the font editor. A word of advice: after you download the fonts, restart your computer. The first time I used PicMonkey after downloading a font I sat at my computer FOREVER trying to figure out where the font was. Duh! You have to restart for the fonts to become available.

This printable is a collection of my favorite fonts. The best part is: they are all FREE! Just click on the name of the font you like below the graphic and it will take you to the download page. If you don't feel like making your own printable just yet, you can print the chalkboard subway art here (without the header of course).

Free chalkboard fonts

Family// Friends// And// Long Walks// Hope

Laughter// Joy// Weekends// Smiles// Reading

Cookies// Books// Counting Stars// Sunny Days

Love// Sunsets// Road Trips// Music// Bonfires

Naps// Dancing// Hugs