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Easy New Year's Eve Appetizer Recipes!

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New Year's Eve Appetizers have always been a big deal in my house. Like, we don't eat all day beforehand kind of big deal. Since my daughter was born, we have had a tradition of staying in, making a ton of appetizers and eating ourselves silly while playing board games, video games and watching movies. We always had some form of pigs in a blanket, a spinach dip, you know: the usual cast of appetizer characters. Then Pinterest came along and I have been in appetizer recipe heaven ever since. Seriously, how did I ever get by without Pinterest? These are a few tried and true easy New Year's Eve appetizer recipes that I have made some variation of over the past years. They have ALL been a hit and ALL taste like they were difficult to make. So whether you are staying in and have an appetizer feast, or need to bring a dish to a party, I guarantee you will not be disappointed with any of these recipes! What do you usually do on New Year's Eve? Do you have a tradition, or do you just go with the flow?  




pull apart party loaf//bacon wrapped asaparagus

slow cooker chex mix//mini spinach lasagna rollups

parmesan tortellini bites//cheddar bacon dip "crack"

teriyaki meatballs//glazed kielbasa pineapple bites


brie and apple crescent rolls//shrimp cocktail shooters

caramel grapes//caprese skewers

 buffalo chicken dip//cucumber bites with herb cream cheese