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How to Create An Editorial Calendar Using Evernote {Video}

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Have I ever mentioned how much I love Evernote? As much as I love paper lists, Evernote is like my digital filing cabinet. After 5 years I still use the free version and have never felt that I've had to upgrade. I have notebooks for almost every aspect of my life: home, kids, work, budget, blogging and everything in between.

Evernote even has a scanning feature now so I can keep digital copies of all my receipts and other semi-important documents. I just wanted to give you a quick rundown of how I use Evernote as an editorial calendar.

I still use a paper editorial calendar and ocassionally the Wordpress Editorial Calendar plugin, but Evernote it by far my favorite method. When I'm not home and think of an idea for my blog I can add it right into Evernote. Having everything in one place keeps me so much  more accountable, it's awesome. Check out my video below on how to use Evernote as your editorial calendar. It's the first for me, so please be gentle. Also, please subscribe as I will be adding more soon. :)


Do you use an editorial calendar? How do you keep it organized? Do you find that it is easier to stick to your goals?