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DripDrop Hydration Powder {Review}

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OK, so I am an individual powder packet drink connoisseur of sorts. I love them. I was a soda addict and they really helped me kick the habit (mostly) as well as get my daily intake of water. I normally go to my local discount store and buy 10-12 packets for $.99, so when I saw the price of DripDrop Hydration Powder, I was a little skeptical to say the least. But, DripDrop is not just any old drink powder, it is an Oral Rehydration Powder, that gives others in its category a run for their money. 


Developed by a Mayo Clinic-trained family physician, DripDrop contains a proven ratio of ingredients – including sodium, sugars and potassium –which absorb quickly and help you recover faster than any other hydration product on the market. In fact, DripDrop has been shown to hydrate 34% faster than water alone, and 20% faster than pediatric solutions and sports drinks.

Now I was intrigued. With 2 walking germ factories kids that are school aged, we can always use anything that will give us a boost.

How I initially planned on drinking DripDrop: to rehydrate after a large, salty meal and a few glasses of wine. Or maybe just to stay hydrated during cold and flu season. I should have known better.

How I actually tested DripDrop: being severely dehydrated after a bought with e. Coli. So, not only completely unglamorous, but also totally awful.

I had 2 flavors of Drip Drop to sample: lemon and berry. I decided to go with the berry first, as I have to really be in a mood for lemon anything.

The berry flavor smelled like real juice. It was even appealing to me in my super sensitive to anything edible state. I expected it to taste at least a little medicinal, but there wasn't even a hint.

The package states that adults can have up to 8 servings a day, every 1-2 hours. I mixed it as the directions stated, with 1/2 liter of water (approximately a single serving of bottled water), once in the morning and once in the evening with my antibiotics.

For someone who felt like I was run over a truck... twice, I felt surprisingly better. My headache just about completely went away, my stomach hurt less and I felt like I had some energy. I even got out of bed, took a shower and put on fresh pajamas. After being bed ridden for 2 days, this was a HUGE step.

The next day I tried the lemon flavor. I preferred the berry, but for someone who isn't crazy about lemon, I really enjoyed it. Again, I had the DripDrop with my antibiotics, but this time I had an additional packet around lunch time. Or lunch time for the land of the living.

By the next day, I felt almost completely better and my skin was no longer showing any signs of dehydration.

For the price and the shelf stability, DripDrop is an awesome value. I (thankfully) didn't have to give any to my kids, but it would be a miracle to not have to run out to the grocery store at 1 in the morning for pediatric solution that will be used twice and thrown away half-full (empty?).

If you are human and/or have kids, DripDrop Hydration Powder is something I highly recommend you keep in your medicine cabinet. Check out DripDrop's website for where to purchase.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by DripDrop in conjunction with SheSpeaks. I received a free sample of the product for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.