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{Video} How to Create a Watermark or Logo Using PicMonkey

blogging, brandingMorgan Taber1 Comment

If you blog or add your own graphics to websites or social media, having a watermark or logo to add to your photos or graphics is a must. Not only does it deter others from using your graphics, but it also makes your brand recognizable in a sea of graphics, designs and photos. In about 5 minutes, you can create an image that represents your brand that you can use again and again over multiple platforms.

You can use any graphic design program that you like to create your logo or watermark, today I will be using PicMonkey, which is my go to for almost all of my graphics. It is user-friendly, free (or inexpensive if you choose the Royale version) and there are tons of font choices as well as the option to add your own. 

Check out this quick video on how to create a watermark that represents your brand.