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How To Set Up Rich Pins On Your Blog - The Easy Way {8WBBC}

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I've got a super simple and quick tip for today's 8 Weeks To a Better Blog Challenge. Rich Pins are so incredibly simple, yet somehow I didn't know they existed until a few months ago. I had read this and I was BUT once I realized that it was literally a 5-minute process, I was all over it. It's a quick way to add a little something extra to your pins and it looks really cool, too!


It definitely helps with brand recognition-- as you can see my amazingly-designed little arrow pointing towards the favicon. That's right, it not only adds your brand name, but it also adds a favicon! Also, notice that the image of the Rich Pin's description is bold, it definitely helps it stand out while giving credibility to your brand. Rich Pins will also automatically add a price if you are setting up your Etsy or eCommerce store as well as other information that Poor Pins (just kidding!) don't have. Check out Pinterest's guidelines for setting up each type of Rich Pin.


How to set up Rich Pins:

1. Install Yoast SEO Plugins, if you haven't already. You should really download this plugin immediately, even if you don't care about Rich Pins. It is the mother of all SEO plugins. Run! Once you've got Yoast installed: Go to SEO -> Social and check the box "Add open graph meta data".

2. Choose a post on your site, any post. I went with my oldest post because why not? Copy the post URL it to your clipboard.

3. Head on over to Pinterest's Rich Pin Validator  and paste your blog post URL into where it says "Enter a valid URL".

4. Click "Apply". I was so nervous! I am so afraid of rejection. Don't deny me, Pinterest!

5. Wait. This usually takes just a few days. Pinterest will send you your approval letter. I just went back to the Rich Pin Validator  every. single. day. and entered that same post URL. One day it said "Congratulations! Your Rich Pins are approved and on Pinterest". Huzzah!

6. That is it! May your pins always be rich!


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