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Using StumbleUpon To Increase Blog Traffic {8WBBC}

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I have to admit, I hadn't used StumbleUpon since around 2009 and really didn't give it another thought. I was skimming through apps on my phone one day in 2014 while I was waiting at a doctor's office and decided to download the app. I ended up actually feeling disappointed when the nurse called me in for my appointment. I found so many awesome things to read and keep me occupied that I wasn't even slightly annoyed at the one and a half hour wait.

After a few more days of using it, I remembered that I could add my own content. The first article I ever added to StumbleUpon received over 3K "Stumbles" (StumbleUpon's version of a like or a pin) overnight and I became even more addicted.

Using StumbleUpon to increase your blog traffic. Quick, simple and fun.

StumbleUpon is a great resource, content curation and promotional tool for your blog, but she can be a tricky (and often overlooked) mistress. StumbleUpon is also a really nice way to break up the monotony of Pinterest and Twitter, it is definitely a very different platform. Here are a few simple tricks I've found to get the most value out of StumbleUpon.

1. Read up. StumbleUpon has a great, brief explanation of how their site works HERE.

2.. Sign up. Create your own account so you can show StumbleUpon what you like (and don't like). Their algorithm is pretty spot on after using it for a bit.

3. Fill out your profile. I am much more likely to follow someone with a profile picture as well as a few details about themselves in their profile. Using your Gravatar or photos from other social media accounts will make you more recognizable.

4. Build a following. Find people that have similar interests to yours to find and share even more content. Try replacing 'keyword' with the topic of your choosing to find other people interested in your topic.

5. Download the app for your phone and/or tablet. Again, StumbleUpon is a great content curation tool. When I am sitting at the doctor's office or DMV I LOVE Stumbling. I have found some of the coolest websites and articles during monotonous trips to the dentist. The more you Stumble, the better your personal recommendations get. I've also noticed a direct correlation with the amount I Stumble to the amount of Stumbles the content I share receives.

6. Stay connected. Check out the StumbleUpon extension for your internet browser. It makes adding new content a snap.

7. Check out StumbleUpon Ads. I've had great success with organic (unpaid) searches in SU, but I know quite a few people who have had very positive results using StumbleUpon Ads.

8. Don't be greedy. Make sure you are sharing more than just your own content. Trust me, it doesn't only benefit StumbleUpon. For every one of my own posts I share, I try to share 8-12 posts that AREN'T mine.

The most important part of using StumbleUpon is to just keep Stumbling. Not only will you find awesome content for yourself and to share with your readers, but you'll find other people with similar interests and get your content out there. Have you used StumbleUpon? Have you noticed any tips or tricks that work for you? If not, what are you waiting for? Start Stumbling!