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Creating an About Page for Your Blog + A PRINTABLE WORKSHEET

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Your blog's about me page is more important than many people realize. When I am checking out a blog I almost always click on the about me section. Is it a deal breaker if there is no about me? Not for me. However, I definitely feel more connected to a blogger that has one. In a virtual world, it's nice to know a little something about the person who wrote the content the at you are going to take time out of your day to read. My own about me page is a work in progress, it always is. Looking over my blog's statistics I have noticed that my about me page is one of my top visited pages of all-time, kind of surprising.



1. What is the purpose of your blog?

Most people are coming to your blog for your articles, rather than you as a person. Not that you're not fabulous, they just don't know it (yet). Tell them why you blog.

2. Who is your ideal reader?

You can really go into depth here. Are they male or female? How old are they? Why do they read blogs? What is their occupation? The list can go on and on. You would be surprised how much easier it is to write when you know exactly who you are writing for. HINT: They are probably a lot like you.

3. What problems can you help solve? 

Have you faced an issue that you thought you would never get resolved, but did? Share it with your readers! Just because you know something doesn't mean that we do! Let your readers know what you are going to help them solve.

4. What is in store for the future? 

What can your readers expect over time? Are you going to share lots of recipes, how-tos or challenges? 

5. Why should readers come back?

This ties in with number 3. What are you going to continue to offer your readers? Shared knowledge and providing value is a huge reason that I visit a blog again and again.

6. What else do you do besides blog? 

I know some may not agree with me, but I love reading about the personal lives of the bloggers whose sites I frequent. You don't have to write a novel (or a soap opera), but a few interesting facts about yourself is a good start.



1. Be genuine. No one wants to read the same thing on every blog they visit. Talk about what you want to talk about, not what you feel like you have to talk about. 

2. Brag. No, really. Have you been featured in a magazine or on another blog? Or do you just have some writing that you are really proud of? Share it! Your about me page is there to highlight YOU, so use it to your advantage.

3. Add some photos. Not only is it awesome to see your lovely face, but it breaks ups some of the visual monotony.

4. Add a call to action. Whether it be a question or a newsletter sign-up box; give your readers something to do.

5. Don't be afraid to change what doesn't work for you. There have been times where I have looked at my about page and thought "Did I do that?" Did you read that in Steve Urkel's voice? I digress. While you want to stay consistent in your brand, you also don't want to keep something that you don't like. I was reluctant to even create an about me page for the longest time because I was afraid that it would be lame. Being somewhere between a perfectionist and a procrastinator, I have to keep repeating the mantra "Done is better than perfect". This isn't to say that you should just sling crap content, but don't agonize over every last detail to the point where it is never getting done. Nothing is irreversible when it comes to blogging, you can always go back and change it.

Download the printable worksheet below to help gain some clarity. You might be surprised at what you find.

Do you have any tips for writing a stellar about me page?